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Since 1938


Benefits of the Burial Vault

Most elegant form of Burial in the Industry

No outside elements will penetrate the casket

No unsightly mound of dirt

The monument created the day of Funeral

At need, Pre-set Option

burial vault example


Burial Vault Specifications

The cover is made of granite and comes in a wide assortment of colors.

The air spaces between the sealer plate and cover plate maintains an even temperature within the containing chamber.

The sealing material is eight inches thick and assures an air and water tight casket chamber, as illustrated.

The chamber walls are 3 inches thick, fiber-reinforced concrete which is dense by vibration to disallow any moisture.

The individual mausoleum can be installed at need and also pre-set (unsealed).

Surface Vault with granite cover and concrete skirting with double upright monument. Design work on backside of monument. Three Sunset Red Granite Ledgers with Crosses Polish 3 Markers - Family Monument at the head with concrete skirting.



Special Note: Our vaults have limited availability within 150 mile radius of Cuero, Texas.

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